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Welcome to North Star Inuit Gallery: Specializing in Fine Inuit Carvings and Original Drawings.

Our commitment: Providing quality Inuit art at competitive prices. Payment plan available.

North Star Inuit Gallery’s unique claim: We actually travel to Inuit communities to connect with the artists. We’ve spent time with most Inuit artists featured in North Star Inuit Gallery and watched the completion of many carvings. With this intimate connection, we’re thrilled to discover the meaning and inspiration behind Inuit carvings and share this knowledge with our clients.

By supporting Inuit artists directly, we assist Inuit families and communities. When you purchase Inuit art, you partner in this endeavor.

Inuit art remains a solid investment, despite challenging economic times. Many carvings are auctioned well above estimated price.

Although we’ve relocated from the North, our hearts remain connected to the vast Arctic, the land the Inuit traditionally call ‘home’. We’ve had the privilege of hunting, fishing and connecting with our Northern friends and marvel at how they’ve adapted to living in the harshest climate on earth.

What is it about Inuit art that continues to fascinate and command international attention? Is it a primal awareness that occurs when a certain carving catches your eye? Is it a primordial connection that awakens the senses as your hand rides the surface of the ancient stone? Whatever the sensation, we instinctively feel a connection and are drawn to particular Inuit carvings.

Whether you are a serious Inuit art collector or purchasing your first Inuit carving, we’re confident you will be impressed with our selection of exquisite Inuit carvings and original drawings. Do you have a special interest in carvings by a certain Inuit artist, community or particular subject? Let us know. We’ll do our best to contact the Inuit artist directly and match your preference with the perfect Inuit carving or we’ll commission an Inuit carver to design a piece especially for you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Elisabeth Gelb
North Star Inuit Gallery
Tel: 250-466-4352


Inuit Carvings, Inuit Soapstone Carvers, Inuit Art - North Star Inuit Gallery features the finest Inuit carvings and Inuit soapstone carvings direct from famous Canadian Inuit carvers and artists for collectors and Inuit art lovers. Traditional soapstone carvings are handcrafted by renowned Canadian Arctic Artisans and shipped worldwide. North Star Inuit Gallery is proud to represent these Inuit artists and offer their work to the general public. Inuit Carvings from Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Yellowknife, NWT, Canada and other areas of Canada's North.

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